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21WCC statement on the ratification of the New Strat..2010.12.29
20[ENI] Rice needed for flooded North2010.08.31
19[ENI] Remembering war, Korean Christians to pray f..2010.06.17
18[WCC] WCC concerned over tensions on Korean penins..2010.06.15
17[WCC]Up close at nuclear treaty summit, churches f..2010.05.06
16[H] Reports say 2 thousand N.Koreans have starved ..2010.03.08
15The road to reunification is obstructed by pothole..2009.11.02
14Church leaders call for an inter-Korean confederat..2009.11.02
13Sermon by Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia to the congregation..2009.11.02
12Nurture our unity in Christ, Kobia tells North Kor..2009.11.02
11Churches support Korean reunification at Hong Kong..2009.11.02
10Statement of the General Secretary of the World Co..2009.11.02
9WCC delegation to visit North Korea2009.11.02
8Kobia and WCC delegation meet North Korean preside..2009.11.02
7North Korea nuclear test highlights need to abolis..2009.09.08
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