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International Ecumenical Conference on a Peace Tre..
Press Conference in front of the DPRK defector ce..
Worship with people urging recovery of the econom..
No THAAD on the Korean peninsula
International Campaign: Campaign in the US
International Workshop for a Korea Peace Treaty/ M..
2016 June Shenyang Extended Steering Group Meeting
International Conference for Peace on the Korean p..
North and South Religious Leaders Meeting at Mt. K..
At Chang-chung Catholic church, October 2015
Bong-su bakery in Pyung-Yang, October 2015
Day care center in Pyung-Yang, October 2015
Joint security area in North Korea, October 2015
Bong-su church Sunday worship, Oct. 25, 2015
At the native home (General Kim Il-Sung's birth pl..
2014 NCCK leadership visited Pyungyang
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International Ecumenical C... Press Conference in front ... Worship with people urging... No THAAD on the Korean pen... International Campaign: Ca... International Workshop for... 2016 June Shenyang Extende...